We can think for you, but we prefer to teach you how to think for yourself.
We love sharing our industry expertise to help train your rising stars.
Suitable for several different agency roles, check out our courses listed below.
Courses can be run either on or offsite.

Adtopia has written courses for TCC (The Communications Council) and independently, with over 12 years experience and 100’s of industry professionals having completed the Adtopia workshops. 

Customised Agency Operations Workshop – Three Month Intensive.

“…an excellent overview of the elements required to be successful in the ever changing agency landscape…gave me the opportunity and confidence to re-assess our current business practices and plan improvements in a feasible matter to better contribute to the agency” – 2012 attendee.

Customised Commercial Agency Training for Operations Managers, COO’s, General Managers, Creative Services Managers and Production Directors.
This type of training has not been available in the Australian market before.
Adtopia has designed a three month intensive workshop that shares our consulting and advertising experience to teach you how to self-audit your agency and implement plans to fast track revenue extraction, streamlining of systems and manage the resources within your business to be a world class agency.
For the full workshop outline and fees click here.
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Innovations Mindset Workshops – Three Month Intensive.
Group discounts available.

Are you a suit, creative, strategist or even a member of the management team who wants to contribute more to your agency as an innovative and insightful ideas person? Build better, longer lasting business relationships? Break down team silos? Crack briefs quicker and with greater effectiveness? Raise your agency profile so you win the right business, not just any business? Highly regarded Mo Fox will lead you through a three month workshop held over six fortnightly sessions. You’ll develop new ways to train your mind, influence decision makers and become a thought leader in your business rather than someone that follows the pack. For the full workshop outline and fees click here. For further information, contact us


Agency Profitability Workshop – 1/2 day Course

This course teaches agencies how to achieve better revenue and business profits by correcting charging models and implementing simple but effective estimating, tracking and reporting systems. No software required. Suitable for operational, finance and senior management roles looking to become more commercially aware. For the full course outline contact us


Pro-active Client Service – Are your Account Service people thinking like leaders? 

All too often agencies allow client relationships to go wrong or simply don’t maximise the creative and commercial opportunities that exist. Brand Managers are often more experienced or better trained than their agency counterparts and even well-intentioned account folk can lack the core craft skills that could make all the difference.  This course can be tailored to suit all levels from junior account managers through to first time GAD’s. Participants will gain deeper insight into what makes for great client service and leave equipped with improved confidence and ideas that they can put into practice immediately. For information contact us