The wrist watch and a handshake

Gone are the days when someone works for the same company for 30 or 40 years and retires with a nice gold watch and a ‘sizeable’ handshake or pat on the back. With the focus so squarely on profitability (rightly so I might add) and such volatility in the market place, employees are likely to stay with a company only a handful of years before seeking that step up the rung on the corporate ladder.

With change being an absolute given in any business these days and a shortage of ‘good’ candidates, managing a business let alone ensuring its long term sustainability and healthy bottom line can be a strain on the organisations’s operational and financial longevity. Are you equipped for such realities? Do you know where the leaks are? Do you have not only ‘good’ people on board, but the RIGHT people?

At Adtopia we can help you find your way through this change management cycle. We believe in teaching you how to secure the future of your business, rather than doing it for you. It doesn’t have to be difficult as long as you have a plan and you can focus on the key aspects of your business- the 4 Ps – profit, people, process and partners (or clients).

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