Do you foster a feedback-rich culture within your team?

Having an engaged workforce is critical to your organisation’s success. Engaged employees are more productive and profitable, more customer-focused and more loyal. Without your team, you only have a bunch of computers and desks which “don’t a thriving, profitable business, make”. Make certain there is regular continuous dialogue between you and your team that includes feedback, coaching, development and a review of priorities. Here are some really simple techniques you can all employ RIGHT NOW to drive employee engagement.

  • Provide your employees meaningful feedback on a regular basis this is the good AND the not so good stuff. This doesn’t always have to be a formal meeting. Just remembering to say thanks for a job well done goes a long way.
  • Be clear about goals and expectations, and help employees see how their work matters to the organisation and your clients.
  • Reward, recognize and appreciate your employees in a fair and consistent way. Ensure you are all speaking the same language and applying the same rules across the team.
  • Give employees opportunities for growth and development. Hand them a project or opportunity, and let them COMPLETELY OWN it. This means being prepared that they may not do it the way you would, or they may even slip up. Be there to support them but don’t micro manage them. And resist always giving them the answers. How will they learn and grow? When was the last time you said “what do you think Sarah?” or “how would you like to handle this Michael?”

Consistency, follow through and regularity are the keys here. Make the time. Your people are your most valuable asset. This ongoing dialogue helps ensure everyone’s individual contributions move your organisation forward in the right direction. Oh, and managers of managers, this one is for you too. We all need/want to feel engaged and empowered in our careers.

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